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Here’s some brief bio’s about my direct line...

Hans GOETTSCH [my great-great grandfather] and his wife, Antje ARP, immigrated from Schleswig-Holstein, GER, with their two sons, Heinrich and Joachim. They left Hamburg and arrived at Castle Garden of NY in April of 1862, aboard the *Donau. As far as I know, they went straight to Davenport, IA, where they had five more boys: Julius, Wilhelm, Ernst, Hermann and Hannis (aka: Johannes, John). Hans was born 15 Oct 1825 and died 10 Nov 1902. Antje, or Anna, as she was known in Davenport, was born 6 Dec 1829 and died 22 Sept. 1902.

*To read more about the ship, Donau, and to view the passenger list of 25 April 1862, click here.

Heinrich (Henry) GOETSCH [my great-grandfather]was born in GER in Dec 1854. Henry worked for the Davenport Police Department for twenty years, from 1884 to 1904. In 1904, Henry and his wife, Cecilia MEINERT, moved to NE to farm, before moving to Huntington Beach, CA in 1914, where they retired. Henry and Cecilia had nine children: Anna, Ida (aka Edith), Hattie, Emilie, Agenetha, Hulda, Alice Margareta, Henry and Selma. Henry passed in Feb of 1932.


Henry and Cecelia Goetsch, 1895, Davenport, IA

Henry GOETSCH was my grandfather. He was born in Davenport, IA on 27 Mar 1890. Henry's occupation was a laborer and did a little of everything. He worked for the railroads and for the oil company and traveled a lot before he married Rose CARROLL in 1916. Henry and Rose moved to Huntington Beach from Ekalaka, MT, around 1920. They had three children: Anna, James Donald and, my father, Elmer. Henry was buried in Huntington Beach, in 1972.


Henry and Rose Goetsch, c.1920

Elmer GOETSCH [my father] was born in Huntington Beach, CA. He went to local schools including Huntington High School. In his Sophmore year, he enlisted in the War where he studied mechanics.  Elmer returned from the war and got a job with the local Auto Shop (Mandic Motors) on Main St. Ten years later, he opened Huntington Auto Service, two blocks down from his old employer. At the age of 65, Dad retired from his Auto Shop and enjoys a wonderful life in retirement in the Central California wine country.


Heide Goetsch-Guio



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